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Sunday, May 01, 2016

EUOIA: collaboration of Robert Sheppard and Rupert Loydell on X-peri

As part of the EUOIA (European Union of Imaginary Authors) project I am conducting, Rupert Loydell and I have invented an Estonian poet called Hermes. I always knew that his single name pseudonym would indicate a certain egocentricity and instability, but I didn’t expect this:

Hermes is the founder of Bongos for Rain, a charity which works with those in drought-stricken parts of the world to handcraft drums to invoke the Gods and provoke rainfall. Most of his poetry and word-songs circulate in handwritten fascicles or as sound files on Bandcamp, but his one print volume, Working for the Healing Rain is available from or the alternative bookshop on the edge of Zlatare. This volume was nominated for a To Hell in a Handcart Award in 2010.

Read his two poems ‘Mussolini Among the Muses’ and ‘Poles Apart’ (do you want any more?) on Daniel Y Harris’ x-peri webzine here.  

Thanks Rupert and Daniel for making this possible.

Note: I’ve been following up the fictional poems of A Translated Man (Shearsman, 2013) with EUOIA, a collaboratively written anthology featuring the 28 poets ‘imagined’ by René Van Valckenborch, the fictional poet of A Translated Man. Part of Poland’s Jaroslav Biały (1962-), written with Anamaría Crowe Serrano, may be read on The Bogman’s Cannon: A poem by Sophie Poppmeier (Austria, born 1981, but one I wrote myself) may be read in A Festschrift for Tony Frazer (at More on Poppmeier here.

Zoë Skoulding may be viewed reading the works of Gurkan Arnavut at as part of the Manchester Enemies of the North in March 2013. Several collaborations may be seen as part of the Liverpool Camarade, February 18th 2015 at ; another, with Alys Conran, reading our writing of Cristòfol Subira, part of Gelynion Poetry (Bangor), on May 26th 2015, may be viewed at   

 The EUOIA website is still live at, and there are multiple posts on the subject of the EUOIA on this blog (use the keyword EUOIA to see them all displayed).

 X-Peri is a vessel seeking deposits of experimental x.poetry, x.hybrids, x.essays, x.prose,, x.quests and posthuman x.memes:

Friday, April 29, 2016

Evening for Dinesh Allirajah May 6th

Easy on the Rose's 

6th May, 7pm, Bluecoat, Liverpool

About the Event:

An evening of readings and screenings to celebrate the launch of Dinesh's new collection, Scent (Comma, May 2016); featuring stories, poems, monologues and blogs read out by some of the North West's leading cultural figures including Bryan Biggs, Levi Tafari, Eleanor Rees and Catherine Francis. 

‘Dinesh’s short stories, poems and blogs present a cultural, social and political portrait of life’s many experiences, revealing a panoramic view of society with humour and a poetic rhythm that commands our attention.’ - Levi Tafari

Venue: Bluecoat, School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BX 

Event link:


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Robert Sheppard: Petrarch 3 poems in Card Alpha 1 JUST OUT

The first issue of the online journal CARD ALPHA is available. Here.

Poet and editor Adam Hampton writes:

As editor, I took the
decision to begin this project in
order to bring together some of the
most exciting and ground-breaking
poetic works being produced by
both emerging and established
poets in the UK and around the
world today. This first issue has
been, on a personal level, at least,
a steep and forbidding scramble,
taken from the genesis of an
editorial idea, to the summit, which
is represented by the online
publication of this, the inaugural
issue. The magazine is to become,
I hope, a stronghold for the most
innovative and experimental poetry.

The contributors are

William Bulloch
Andrew Taylor
Iain Britton
John Seed
Gordon Gibson
Chris McCabe
Robert Sheppard
Sydney McNeill
Tom Jenks
Luke Thurogood

I am represented by ‘The Symboliste Quartet’ which is a set of 4 of my Petrarch 3 translations. More about those here. All 14 variations will be published by Crater Press, but these are the ones are chimerae, as the Oulipeans say, of Petrarch and Baudelaire, Mallarme, Rimbaud and Verlaine!

Please also see my notes on Petrarch variations by Peter Hughes and Tim Atkins here, which is how my project, a 'derivative derive', began its life. It's the most looked at page on this blog. You can read the original translation and my 'doggie' translation, 'Pet', here! And you can watch me read some of my 'Petrarch' variations here. Including the Jimmy Savile one.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Nerve Damage ed Rupert Loydell now out (responses to Witkin)

Nerve Damage, edited by Rupert Loydell, an anthology of poems in response to Joel-Peter Witkin’s photograph “The Poet.”  
Poets include Sheila E Murphy, Carrie Etter, Peter Finch, Alan Halsey, Ian Seed, and Rupert Loydell. Paul Sutton's poem may be read here on Harvey L. Hix' website. Oh, he's in it too, as are many others. Including me.
(Rupert and I have just finished working on the latest EUIOA fictional poet, Hermes, from Estonia. Something of this project may have rubbed off on our depiction of this abomination! More on the EUOIA here.) 
Ordering information for the anthology:
UK: £5.00 per copy, cheques payable to ‘R.M. Loydell’  USA; $10 bill per copy, to include postage 
available from: Stride, 4B Tremayne Close, Devoran, Cornwall TR3 6QE, England
A first review appears here
Thanks for the invite, Rupert!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Robert Sheppard: A Guide to my new books and pamphlets 2015-16

Recent Publications by Robert Sheppard

3 New books

History or Sleep: Selected Poems

Details here.

A wide selection of work from 1982-2015, it is reviewed by Steve Waling here. And by Clark here. By Ian Brinton here.

Words Out of Time


an ‘autrebiography’, an anti-memoir, mainly in prose, including the popular ‘I don’t remember…’ Details here

7 prose pieces that range from fable to conceptual writing, narrative to unnarrative, political address to text for an image; features the psychogeographical exploration of space, 'In Adopted Space'. Details here.No reviews yet: just out!

1 Pamphlet

The Drop

an elegy to my father, details here.

It's reviewed here by Ian Brinton, and by Alan Baker, here.

1 Tribute

An Educated Desire: Robert Sheppard at 60.

This very pleasant surprise is available here, along with the list of its contributors

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Robert Sheppard: de-selected bossa nova epigraph to It's Nothing

The latest 'row' of 14 sonnets called 'It's Nothing', from the developing project, Song Nets, is suffused with echoes and hearings of bossa nova music, and I even wanted to use this quotation as epigraph. I thought I'd post it, as I like it's irony, even though ultimately it doesn't fit the mood:

Gilberto: Look at the wind shaving the trees.
Psychologist: But trees have no hair, João.
Gilberto: And some people have no poetry.

Watch Gilberto in concert in 1980. Notice the subtle use of the orchestra.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

EUOIA: Cristòfol Subira by Alys Conran and Robert Sheppard in Poetry Wales

The collaborations between Alys and myself have just been published in Poetry Wales Spring 2016, Volume 51: Number 3.

Cristòfol Subira was born in 1957 in Barcelona. He worked for many years as a street performer and living statue in the tourist districts of the city. Between 1980 and 2007, Subira produced four collections of poetry, alternately in Catalan and Spanish, but since then, his poetry has not appeared in print except for several unattributed poems inscribed on the paving of cul-de-sacs in Barcelona, recently acknowledged as his work. There was one doubtful sighting in Brussels in the summer of 2010, i.e. at the end of A Translated Man, where he appears.

It was fun working with Alys because we’d not met and she was game for my strange collaborative project. She is a very tight writer and she kept me in order. We did meet in 2015 and read the poems in Bangor. See my account of that here, and watch the embedded videos of us reading the two poems.

See also an account of the EUOIA’s previous appearance in Poetry Wales here.